New Demo for Expanded / Full Version - Coming Soon!

Hey guys!

I'm not sure how many of those who have played Lads in Distress NaNoRenO version and follow us here also pay attention to our Tumblr. If you do follow us on Tumblr, then you should already know the following news. This post is just for those who don't follow us on social media.

Time sure flies, and before we know it, it has already been over a year since Lads in Distress was first released for NaNoRenO '16. Throughout the last year, the team has been through lots of ups and downs and changes in the team roster. However, we never gave up on working on the expansion of Lads in Distress, and although this has been delayed too many times, the updated demo of the full version will finally be released soon, on July 30th!

This updated demo will cover the common route and the first two scenes of each love interest's route. The total word count of the demo should be around 50k. While the overall idea of the old scenes in the previous NaNoRenO version stay the same, they've been mostly rewritten. More specifics about which parts contain new content will be given on the day of the updated demo release, but roughly speaking, common route scenes are heavily changed, Mer's scenes have also been almost completely rewritten, while Snow and Zel's first couple scenes for their individual routes have not gone through many changes, as most of the new content for Snow and Zel begin after the initial setup of the routes in the later scenes. The two new love interests, Ellis and Nicholl, will of course have brand new scenes.

On that note, to make sure we're all on the same page, here is a quick recap of the changes in the team and the project since the beginning of when we announced we would be doing an expansion for Lads in Distress, in case you've missed these announcements on our Tumblr:

  • There will be a total of 5 love interests in the full version: Prince Mer (The Little Mermaid), Prince Snow (Snow Queen), Prince Zel (Rapunzel), Prince Ellis (Beauty and the Beast) and Nicholl (fairy godmother from Cinderella).
    • Hood and Prince Beau have unfortunately been cut to due to team changes
  • Our main character artist from NaNoRenO, Elzee, has unfortunately stepped down from the position due to personal reasons. We have a new artist, Greenace, who will be doing / has done Prince Ellis's sprite and all the side characters' sprites.
  • Greenace will also double as our CG artist. The above picture is the new main menu CG that she has done.
  • We have welcomed an additional composer and two editors on board to help with the workload. 

One last thing we should mention here in advance: we will likely be pulling all the download links to the original NaNoRenO version after we put up the updated demo. Honestly, looking back on the old writing makes me cringe a bit, so I would prefer not to keep the old versions up. I’d also like to request that if any of you have downloaded the NaNoRenO version before, please do not re-distribute it anywhere afterwards. I hope that any new players who may come across this game would have their experience be only the better, polished version of the demo, so please do keep the old version to yourself!

That should be all for now. Thank you very much for your support for the NaNoRenO version of Lads in Distress, even though it was definitely far from great. It was the first created game for many of us in the team, and we were humbled by the amount of support we received for it. Without you guys, we would never have persevered in this journey to continue creating Lads in Distress, or honestly, continue creating visual novels in general. Hopefully, the full version will prove to be worth the wait and be an improvement compared to the old NaNoRenO version.

Again, thank you very much, and we hope to see many of you on July 30th!


  • Updated demo for the full version will be released July 30th.
  • In the end, there will be 5 total love interests: Prince Mer, Prince Snow, Prince Zel, Prince Ellis and Nicholl.
  • Greenace is the new character and CG artist.
  • New composer and 2 new editors to be introduced later on.
  • Old NaNoRenO version will be pulled and no longer available for download after July 30th. Please do not redistribute the old version anywhere else.

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I'm so shook, I played LID a while ago and only did Prince Snow's route, and i remember applauding the music and art for this game. I never finished anyone else because I became too busy but i was so shocked seeing it was updated!! this is so cool i never realized there would be an update. i honestly thought the old version was the full version lololol. i just wanted to ask, are the old routes rewritten/will they be rewritten? other then that i wish you all the best of luck on this project and i cant wait until its finished!! x