New Demo for Expanded / Full Version - Now Released! (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Mirror: Windows | Mac | Linux

Please note that the Extras buttons are not meant to lead to anywhere, as the Extras screens are not yet completed for the demo.


Thank you very much for the continued support! We’re really sorry it has taken us this long to release the updated demo.

PS: If you enjoyed Lads in Distress, please consider supporting us on this new otome we’ve been working on! Greenace, Perennial Lily, Azuumi and I (Windchimes) have been working on a commercial otome, called The Masquerade Killer. We have launched a Kickstarter campaign for it a few days ago, and we would really appreciate any support / signal boosting!


Lads in Distress (New Demo) - Windows 122 MB
Jul 30, 2017
Lads in Distress (New Demo) - Mac 121 MB
Jul 30, 2017
Lads in Distress (New Demo) - Linux 124 MB
Jul 30, 2017
Credits.docx 18 kB
Jul 30, 2017

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hi,  just wondering when you think the full version will be out


Oh, finally the new demo is out! I'm so happy! I'll play it as soon as I can!

Though, looking at the features, I see Mer's route has been almost entirely rewritten, wich makes me really anxious since I was madly in love with his route before. I know sometimes when I download a new version of a Ren'Py game, it still can access my previous save states and all... I'd like to be able to replay the old version too just in case I like his old route more, but I'm a bit worried - won't the new version interfere with it in any way?

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Hi! Thanks for the interest in our new demo! ^_^

To address your concerns, first, while Mer's route has been almost entirely rewritten, the actual plot of his route stays the same. As you'll see from the first two scenes of his route in the demo, while the writing has changed, the overall idea of the scene and the events that occur are the same. In the eventual full version, there'll be additional scenes as well to improve the pacing of the route. We hope to keep the essence of Mer's old route in the new version so that the Mer fans won't be too disappointed by the changes! :)

Second, the new version of LiD is deliberately named differently so that when you extract it, it won't overwrite the old NaNoRenO version of the game. So you should be able to keep both versions on your computer, though of course, we ask that you keep the old version to yourself please :)

Again, thank you very much for your support, and we hope you like the new demo!

Oh I see! Glad to know - both about the fact it's mostly the writing that is updated, not the story, and about the fact that it won't overwrite the old version!

And don't worry, I would have no sense for me to redistribute the old version, and I can totally understand you'd want only the new one to be on the net!

Also, I must say I'm relieved the character you kept after the issues was Ellis instead of Beau. I loved Beau, but I like Ellis more I think, and his new design is gorgeous, so yeah, even if it's sad to see the scale of the project reduced, I think you made the best choice here.

I'll comment again either on tumblr or on the game's page here once I'm done with the demo, so I can say what I think about it. Should be pretty soon!