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Writers: Pierrotta, Windchimes
Character Artist: Elzee
CG Artists: Alcor etc., csky, Wingzofdarkness
Chibi CG Artist: fuicchi
BG Artist: Lesleigh63, csky
GUI, Logo and Chibi Artist: Alcor etc.
Composer: csky


If you'd like to give us feedback, feel free to comment below, or leave a comment on our LSF thread, or send us a message on our Tumblr!


Apr 13: V1.2 is up! This new version should fix a few bugs and typos that we've caught/heard about from reports. Sorry about the errors, guys. Thank you for bearing with us this long ;; <3

Just in case anything goes wrong, here are two mirror links for download: (But if possible, please download from itch.io since it's the most updated version)

Mirror #1

Mirror #2

June 17: Development for the full version of Lads in Distress is in progress! Do follow our Tumblr if you want to keep up with our progress as we work on the full game!

Please enjoy!

Install instructions

Download the game, unzip the folder, then run the .exe file to play the game. Please enjoy <3


LadsinDistress-1.2-all.zip (253 MB)
CC BGM Names List (with links!).docx (18 kB)


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Hi! I really really want to play this game but for somehow it won't open. I open the game and it appears and then disappears from the dock? Do you know what the problem may be??

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This game is absolutely lovely. The character sprites are gorgeous, the backgrounds are beautiful- the interactions are charming and fun. I adore that there are (almost) no bad endings, and trust me I played all of them. It was so refreshing to see a game where the main character (almost) always kept her independence, desire for justice, and need to help others. Charming is a really fun protagonist and I found that I never got annoyed or tired of playing as her. The princes were really nice as well. I really liked all the different routes. If I HAD to pick one, I'd probably pick Zel's "better' route, because he is very sweet and reminds me of myself in a way with his shyness eheh. But yes, overall this is a fantastic game and I absolutely cannot wait for the expansion of this story and more options!

This is such a great game! I'm playing through the Mer line as my first playthrough and what a twist!!! I love it!

I am trying to open your game, but I can't open the .exe, it says that " You can't open the application "Lads in Distress.exe" because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on OS X." Please help me, I want to play your game!!!

If you're on Mac using OS platform, you shouldn't be trying to open the .exe file. That zip folder for download has a file to run for each platform -- Windows, Mac and Linux. Run the Mac version -- double click and run the one that doesn't have any file extension (the one without .exe or .sh).

Thanks for trying our game!

Thank you!

I adored this game!!! <3 Can't wait to play more of your games!!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :D

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I really love this game! I have played through all 3 princes once, and I find them all unique and endearing in their own ways. I plan to play through them again, of course :D

My full review can be found in my blog here: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2016/12/lads-in-distress-for-pc.html

I did find a few spelling errors I wanted to relay to you.

In Prince Mer's path, he says, "Do not remove the water over your years just yet." So it says years instead of ears.

And another in Prince Zel's path, when Charming makes her puppy dog eyes, it says, "... even siffing and tearing up to increase the effect." SO it says siffing, when I think you make have meant sniffing.

Nothing serious, I just wants to let you know :D I look forward to any more additions to the game!

Thanks for playing our game! And thanks for letting us know about the typos, but we won't be fixing them in this version and uploading a new one; we'll likely only be fixing typos in the extended version.

I look forward to it! :)

I loved the game and can't wait for Nicholle's route!!

Thank you very much! :D Glad to hear you enjoyed the game. Hopefully you'll like the full version of the game too <3 We'll be working hard to bring you guys Nicholl's and the new bachelor's routes as soon as possible!

I've just played through the game for the first time, and I love it so far. I'm very curious about the other routes, and even more about these to come in the expansion! I can't wait for it to be released!

Since you were asking for feedback, I'll use your form from the LSF thread!

1. Did you play the NaNoRenO version of LiD? What did you think of it?

This is the one currently disponible, right? I loved the path I did (Mer). I got his first ending, and I liked it a lot. I'm very fond of the soundtrack too, it's very pretty. The menus are very nicely done, and it was a nice idea to use the stars for the sound levels or the pages in the save menu.

2. Any thoughts or comments about the story premise/characters so far?

I like the overall concept, though I can't judge Snow's and Zel's routes yet. But I can already see each route will be unique once you choose the suitor you want, wich is always nice. Mer was a great character - I did his route first because I have a thing for disabled characters. I juste LOVED the whole insecurity and sentiment of distrust all along the route - I couldn't stop playing until I've reached the end of it, and wow, I really enjoyed the revelations and the ending. Though I must admit the ending was a bit confusing - I would like to know what was the solution Nicholl found to get them out of this mess!

3. Who is your favorite character at the moment?

It's hard since I haven't seen Snow and Zel a lot, but the first one to catch my attention was Nicholl, even if he isn't an option in this release. As for Mer, I like him more than I thought I'd do, but it's hard to tell if he'll be my favorite once I'll get to know everyone. Still, I like creepy and dangerous yet loving and generous characters like him - totally my type!

4. Which love interest do you think you will pursue first?

Well, I've started with Mer, but only because some of the guys aren't disponible options in this release. I guess I'd have started with Nicholl or Hood if I had the extended version - I like the idea of romancing a non-prince here, even if Charming's parents won't approve for sure! And besides, I love Nicholl a lot.

5. Any other comments or questions?

Well, I'm sure you get that a lot, but do you have a release date in mind, for the extended version? Other than that, I've seen Ellis will be based on Belle, but then... who is the to be revealed prince Beau? You'd think he'd be the one based on Belle! Do you mind me if I ask what will be the inspiration source for him? If not, that's okay, I can wait!

Oh and also, thank you for the awesome game! Now, to start Snow's route!

First off, I must apologize for the extremely late response >< I didn't notice an email notifying me of new comment on itch.io -- I must have missed it in the mass of emails in my inbox. I'm really sorry about that.

Thank you so much for giving our game a try and leaving a comment! <3 We really really appreciate the feedback :D

Thanks for all the compliments :"D About Mer's endings, I think many people mentioned it was confusing, so we'll see what we can do about it in the full game.

We've just posted Beau's design on our Tumblr, but in case you haven't seen it, Beau is based on Sleeping Beauty! So sorry about the super super late response ;; We'll have his character profile up soon, so if you're interested, do check that out!

Once again, thank you so much for playing.

Oh, I didn't check tumblr in a while. Makes sense now! And I love Beau's design too... I think design-wise he's my favorite of the bunch!

In the meantime I did the endings of the other princes too, and while Mer is still my favorite of the ones currently accessible, I must admit I love them too. Snow was a very pleasant surprise since I usually don't like characters like him - but he's really cute and lovely.

Well, as I said about Mer's ending - I liked it, a lot. The issue isn't the ending itself, but the transition between the climax of the route and the ending - with some more explanations it would be perfect. I don't know about his other ending because I tend to stick to the first I got if I like it enough, and it was the case here.

And don't worry about the late reply - I don't always recieve notifications either.

I love this game but maybe tone down the brightness a bit^^

Hey~ Thanks for playing our game! What do you mean by the brightness? Do you mean the actual brightness of the game, or just the sparkly art? :p If it's the latter, unfortunately, since it's our artists' style to draw bright, sparkly art, we won't be changing that in the expansion. Sorry about that!

Well I don't really mind the bright sparkly art. Just thought it could be tone down a bit. But if it's that not possible, it's fine too.

Technical problems :

Sometimes, some narration texts have no sense together, missing information, or shown in the wrong order which is sometimes confusing in Mer's route (and I don't mean just at the moment when that was done on purpose as he recounted his story to Charming).

Plot and characters related problems :

Warning : huge potential spoilers

On Mer's route, both endings have Charming act like a selfish and deluded sociopath. None serve a sense of completion regarding what 'Mer' did, and would certainly keep doing doing, had he been let free after all of this. In fact, I don't think Charming's character remains coherent for being still in love with a man she barely knows : because, the only things she knows for sure are mostly creepy. And too few to decide to trust such a person, even for political reason. It kind of clash with how intelligent and independent she was all the way until Mer's endings. Least she would be content to be half a political puppet the rest of her life. Which kind of is the first ending. Regarding justice, I had been somewhat shocked because I had expected Charming and her childhood friend to transfer 'Mer' to another body, because him keeping that one felt wrong after all of this. Though the worst thing in my opinion is how Charming just decide to trust him without retribution and even love him unconditionally. Because in that situation it's completely irresponsible.

Technical strengths:

Very pretty sprites with very detailed eyes, a tight plot with very interesting characters, including Charming. The surprises in the plot were grand! So moving and dramatic that I know I won't forget them soon.

Overall, the writing is excellent. (And very creepy in both of Mer's routes). The music is okay. My favorite was Mer's. The CGI are...well, passable.

Plot and characters related strengths:

Zel's both routes end in a very satisfying way for both Charming, Zel and the player (...Satisfying. Yeah. As long as the type of Zel doesn't makes them drool too much.) Satisfying even for Charming's country, Lunar Kingdom, as well. I only would have wished for, well, further snuggling? ^^ (I would certainly not mind a sequel.) Also, I didn't miss the light yandere vibe in Zel's first ending. Not exactly necessary but very welcome still.

I haven't played Snow's route and don't know if I will. He didn't inspire me anything so far.

I though there would be an unlockable fourth route with Charming's half fairy childhood friend. (But by the end of Zel's routes, I was too busy sighing giddily to be disappointed. ^^)

It might be necessary to warn players that this game is a very realistic one, so young girls can't be fooled by Charming's pigtails and gloating pink stuff. Really now. Both of Mer's route can be very depressing.

I'll buy the game because of how well thought and clever the beginning of Mer's route was.

End of the spoilers.


I'll keep and maybe replay the game for everything Zel.

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So there will be an extented version of the game I read. The program sounds interesting. I'd buy it if we can also have it on Steam.

(What am I saying, I know I'll buy it for Zel anyway. Can't say no so such a rare pastry. He's not the kind of character most popular in Otome games. So with the bonus of his realist personality and character development, it must have taken careful work to make him neither virile nor camp, yet romantically attracted to women. He's quite the rare treat to find.)

To amend a point (spoilers): about 'Mer', it's not him inhabiting the body while loathing noblity that feel so wrong. This does feel wrong, but nothing close to the fact that Charming mostly keeps calling him by the same name both in her thoughts and when she is alone with him...this feels as testimony for her denial.

This: her lack of acknowledgment that he is really a stranger (to the point she doesn't even know how he really looks like or how old he really was - don't even come telling me that it doesn't matter for trusting someone);

this, plus calling him by a name that isn't his is what finish making her love quite messed up.

So yeah, it would solve nothing to punish 'Mer' since he is already off in the head, enough for both of them (his reactions show signs of schizophrenia: he goes from a poised flirting persona, to bawing incontrollably from loneliness, to a self-centered phycho persona showing pleasure in his deceiptions more than once if you pay attention).

The truth serum tells us he doesn't even regret anything except maybe not having enough power to feed everyone. Remember how all the other stories he told Charming never happened? No boat, no village rescuing him, no accidental killing since he knew exactly how his voice worked since the start, peharps even no bullying in his country - all his explanations about that were incoherent, and* he has been a willing murderer since the start. We don't know what he did to Mer's guards in the end, we can only assumebit was worse than killing or destroying. I can think of two possibilities for it that would make both 'Mer', Nicholls and Charming decide not to even mention the nature of the crime

These things and the traumas he mentionned could be full lies made up as failsafes to his shortcommings as a noble and to manipulate Charming into pitiying him. Or real traumas but for very different events than those he tells.

But he is an idiot to expect Charming and Nicholls to let off after all that.

Charming and Nicholls could and should have waited for him to chill down and reflect on all he did a couple months, while using a magical clone of him on the throne during that time, before using another truth serum to verify his sanity and morale first, before deciding anything else.

Loving him, though, seems messed up, no matter how I think about it: affection, okay, desire, I guess, possessivity, understandable after all Charming has risked for him. But sincere love? That feels a bit irrational for Charming's character.

I think the first, the 'good' ending with him was as irresponsible as her second ending with Zel.

Speaking of it:

- Offering a big and heavy fire breathing dragon to make clones of himself? Just after he boasted about ravaging through many weddings and demonstrating his willingness to kill people on a prideful whim?

- Deciding to abandon her country who asked her help with civil war, just to keep her lover's innocence intact a few years more?


Not even mentionning responsibility or selfishness, keeping her decision not to return doesn't event sounds well thought: she could have returned and helped settle things before going out to the world with him again. After the demonstrations of will she can do and the fact she succeeded in rescuing Zel while so many others fail it was made into a poem...I'm pretty sure Lynar Kingdom would have trusted her capability and loyalty enough to allow that.


Now, back to serious business...and ginger-cinnamon-ginseing rolls. :D

I think I've hear something in game about an apron...New CGI you say?

(What? You think his fingers should be covered in dripping blueberry jam too? Well, that's your idea, not mine...) *poofs away*

Thanks a ton for your crits! We'll be taking them into account, and we hope his route will be better in the expansion :) I'm not super sure what you're referring to by text shown in the wrong order, but I'll double check the script to ensure that it's fixed!

Sadly, we didn't get to branch off based on previous choices / tighten the plot due to time & word count constraints, but (hopefully) the most glaring issues should be fixed in the expansion :) The routes will also be somewhat intertwined, so some of the answers to seeming plot holes will be revealed in completely separate routes. Regarding Mer's backstory, well, while all of his stories were at least a little embellished (since he couldn't really tell the truth without revealing the whole story), certainly not all of them were completely fabricated from scratch ;) We'll try to make the details more clear in the expansion!

As for Charming's denial in the endings, that was actually totally intentional & was supposed to tie into the themes LMAO. If it didn't work, though, it didn't work, and we'll try to change the endings' details for the expansion! :) The endings were certainly messed up, and their execution was rushed and weak. Thanks for your suggestions! We'll definitely consider them. Regardless of the changes, we hope the expansion improves on some of the issues 8'D

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I think it's an understatement to say that I love this game, but there's no other way I can think of to describe how much I've enjoyed playing it so far. The artwork is beautiful and the characters so real, and I love the balance of humor and drama. You guys have executed the premise so well, and in ways that I definitely didn't expect!

Spoilers Below (?):
Honestly, I walked into this thinking that Snow was going to be the problematic fave, so I was so surprised that it was Mer. I guess it really is true what they say: Beware the Quiet Ones! (You'd think that as someone who is the Quiet type, I would've seen that coming, and yet...XD) As wrong as it was for him to pull what he tried to pull, I felt so sorry for him that I was glad that he got a happy ending with Charming, even if its execution seemed iffy (I'm sure the execution will be better in the expansion!). He's suffered so much. T.T (As a side note, I was impressed with Mer's expressiveness during his route. Not gonna lie though, his faces during the climax freaked me out. I really shouldn't have played his route during the night. DX)

And Snow. Oh my God, Snow. He's suffered so much, too, poor man. At first, he comes off so smooth and confident, but then it turns out that he's full of self-loathing due to his curse and his past. I just really wanted to give him a hug so many times during his route. And I liked how you showed the psychological consequences of having an abusive parent. Fairy tales always gloss over it, like "Hurray, the evil stepmom is dead! Everyone's married! It's all good!", when really no, no it's not. Our hero/heroine still suffered at the hands of said stepmom and it's bound to have some impact. So kudos for showing that, and double kudos for making Snow such a sweetie.

I agree with everyone else that Zel is a cinnamon roll too pure for this world. He was just so precious that I couldn't choose the options where you had to make him sad/scared (although, I'm going to be doing it now for my second run.). He was surprisingly smooth for a guy who's been trapped in a tower for 9 years, too. XD Although, I was really surprised--and a little disappointed--that the witch never showed up in the story. I was really looking forward to kicking witch butt! Other than that, I didn't have any issue with Zel's route (well, maybe except for the part where you kinda leave Lunar Kingdom to burn, but that's a small nitpick).

I can't wait for the expansion, especially for Nicholl's route. God, I felt so deprived of him during the game. It's clear that there's more to him than what we've seen so far, so I'm really looking forward to learning about his past as much as the full pasts of the princes.

Hi! Thank you for playing and for writing a long comment!

Haha, glad to hear you liked his happy ending with Charming! Yes, his route has been heavily edited in the expansion and many issues have been hopefully fixed, so we hope the execution of the ending will be better!

Ahhh thank you for your compliments on Snow! Actually, yes. I've always gotten annoyed at fairy tale happy endings — not that I don't love a happy ending, but everything just fades to black implying a "happily ever after" too quickly. It doesn't work like that irl. Emotional trauma from a toxic/abusive family is a topic I care about because I've seen first-handed the lasting damage it can do, so I'm so, so glad that you picked up on my portrayal of Snow's lingering issues.

As for Zel... be careful what you wish for ;) But yeah, we are aware of the issue of lackluster plot and backstory in Zel's route — it was a somewhat conscious choice, because we had to make a difficult choice of cutting his backstory to save time (by not requiring more scenes, more sprites, more BGs etc) or keep them in but risk not making the 30 day deadline for NaNo. In the end, we chose to keep only the important romance parts, so we can promise that in the expansion, you'll see a lot more of Zel's backstory and history with the witch! :) And as for the 2nd ending, that will be tweaked as well to make it hopefully easier to accept due to the majority of responses we've gotten regarding the ending.

Hehe, Nicholl's route... Mm, I can't say much more, but I had a lot of fun writing him :D Hope y'all would have as much fun reading his route in the future too!

Again, thank you for playing Lads in Distress and for taking the time to let us know your thoughts!

I installed it and clicked on the .exe file but then Nortan securitey pops up and removes the file how do i make it stop removeing the file?

Hello! Thanks for your interest in our game.

Yes, we're aware some antivirus programs like BitDefender (and apparently Norton now, too...? Strange, I ran the files through Norton before, and it was fine for me.) flag our game as a virus, even though all the AV softwares we have access to all report our game as clean. If you still want to play and you are comfortable with doing so, the way to make it stop removing the file is to whitelist it in your antivirus, I believe. But if you are concerned and would rather not do that, then we suggest you not to proceed. Sorry for the problems, but thank you for your interest in our game!

hi im new to this and really want to play your game as ive never really played these types of games before. They seem cool. However when i download the game and click on the downloaded file more files pop up so im not sure how to run the game. Does anyone know how???

Apologies for the late reply; we kinda forgot to check back on this comments page for a while.

I believe we've already included instructions on how to play the game under download instructions. Just unzip the whole folder and then run the Lads in Distress.exe.

Thanks for your interest in our game!

I downloaded the game and tried to unzip it, but it wouldn't work. I'm having the same problem with HeartBaked too.

When I unzip it, I get the message:

Unexpected end of data

Data error: LasdinDistress-1.2-all\game\archive.rpa

Any suggestions on what I can do?

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Hmm, I have no idea. This is the first time we've had a report of that error. Did the problem persist for you? If so, what platform and OS are you using? What software are you using to unzip?

Thanks for the interest in our game! Apologies for the late reply; we kinda forgot to check back on this comments page for a while. xD

Having problems with downloading but I'm looking forward to playing this game once it has finished downloading XD

Thanks for your interest in our game! We hope your download ended up working fine? Apologies for the late reply, btw! We forgot to check back on this page for a while.

It's fine :) I really loved the game once I finished playing-- best one I've playes so far XD

Just started playing this game and I think it's absolutely adorable!! I'll be posting a gameplay on my channel and was wondering if I could monetize? :) Can't wait to play more~

Hello! Thanks for taking an interest in our game :)

As for your question about monetizing your gameplay... it depends :p Are you thinking of Youtube ads? Maybe if you link your video here we'll decide if you've offered enough of your own content (e.g. commentary) to the video to justify the monetizing.

Again, thanks for playing our game!

Hello! I'm so sorry for the SUPER late reply, haha.

Here is the link to my video!


I only have one part so far, but plan to post more. I will only put ads (monetize) if/when I get the okay from you :) Either way, it's a lovely game~ Thank you!

*cracks knuckles* Let's get this crap started.

First things first, I love the art! At first it was a 'meh', because for some reason I thought Snow looked weird, but otherwise everyone else captivated me. (Princess Charming looks a lot like Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time) Everything is just so, uh, sparkly? It has brighter colors than other games, which is a good thing because other games tend to have kind of a dull palette of color. (Just look at all the games tagged 'Otome', yours sticks out a lot) The routes are a bit short, but I'm keeping track of your Tumblr, and I'm just here. Sitting. Waiting for the expansion. I'm so excited for it, too! And the plot twist are just, like, what. Oh my god. It's amazing. Just imagine eating a donut when someone suddenly says it's not gluten free and your just allergic to gluten and now your just screaming and dying, and like, your final moments just eating that savory, awesome donut. You feel amazing but at the same time your like, dying. (It's a really bad description but that's what it is)

(Okay, children, now I begin the spoilers)

  • First, let me start of with Snow. I liked his route. It's not my favorite, but it was definitely great. I liked how he thought he was cursed but it was just the step mother being a butt. Snow is kind of my least favorite of the bunch. He was interesting at the ball, but I guess he isn't as interesting as the others...? But who knows, the expansion is coming and I could change my mind.
  • Secondly, Zel. Oh my god hE'S JUST TOO INNOCENT FOR ME! How he just shoved Charming into the closet and stuff, and his worrying about the dragon just killing her is just 100% omfg. But what kind of witch just puts a guy in a tower and just offs and leaves, never returning. Other people out there complaining about how Zel's past isn't much explained, but it's just an open window. Maybe Zel just lied about there ever being a witch, and he just didn't like politics so much he just asks a dragon to bring him somewhere else. But anyways, his route was pulling at my heartstrings. Like, how he cried when Charming left for a little while. The first route's ending? I cried. How she's just telling him how she has to go home and she's pleading him to come with her but he just snaps, saying she has a hero-complex. And he's just like nonononONONONO GOD NO I'M SORRY and she's just like, uh, bye. And he's just crying and I'm here like "NO CHARMING DON'T LEAVE THIS HURT LITTLE CINNAMON BUN CRYING WHY U EVIL WITCH". Then she's just like "Fuk my kingdom let's go" and they ride off into the sunset. Maaaaaaybe it's a liiiiiiitle irresponsible of them to just run away from their politics, but tbh, I would want to, too. Just fly off into the sunset, away from Trump and Hillary. And to those who disliked this ending just gotta understand that anyone who loves adventure would just ditch politics. To get this route, you kind of inspired adventurism into him by giving him books and not telling him about his falling kingdom. The second ending is kind of messed up, though. You forced him to be a part of politics even though he didn't want to, and the reason why he didn't leave was because he didn't want to get involved in that crap, but y'know, just force him to do what you please.

  • And best is for last, Mer. Yyyyeaaaah.A bit dark. But it was, by far, the most interesting of the trio. I love how Mer and Charming were playful like "Ayee" then Charming just playfully pushes Mer and things just go from 0 to 100 real quick, cuz this boy had a dagger on him the whole time. He tells the "truth", sudden bandits come out of nowhere, and Mer is just flipping while Charming is just like "Mer, calm down, I'll just burn the-" then gets shoved into water, where things just break the scale and goes over 9000 when he shouts. A simple "Die" or "This is where you end" will kill them all, but y'know, "Get the hell of her!". This line is one of the two only lines I remember clearly from the game because it was kind of chilling? And how he covers her eyes while the bandits disintegrate. Things calm down, goes back down to a 0, and there's just a beautiful wedding. It kind of got me when Charming wakes up to find Mer trying to kill her, and his face is just, insane. The other line I clearly remember is when Mer says "I. Don't. Want. To. Die." The first ending was kind of confusing, when both Charming and Mer was just sitting there on their thrones, and I was kind of like "Who'd they stab? WAS IT NICHOLL?" The second ending was awesomeee! How she also when insane and just tied Mer up. Mer's route was probably the most interesting because of all the LIES AND DECEPTION.
(P.s., sorry for the long post)

Hello! Thank you for playing our game, and thank you for taking the time to write us such a long review! :)

Haha, Snow is probably the most "normal" person out of the three xD His route is twice as long in the expansion, so you should let us know after playing it if it changed your mind about Snow! :)

Yessss, we had a lot of fun writing Zel. xD We're glad that you find him cute :p As for the part regarding the witch, it'll be explained in the expansion. We just never had the time to include more plot and backstory development for Zel because it'd mean more word count, more sprites, more backgrounds — and with the 30 days time limit for NaNo, we just had to make a difficult choice of what to cut, and in the end we chose to keep the romance. Regarding the 2nd ending where she elopes, that was actually our rationale behind making such an ending! To get that ending, you had to choose all the choices leaning towards adventuring and stuff, so your choices define Charming's personality and her final decision on whether to be a responsible princess and give up her dreams, or run away with the guy he loves xD It's irresponsible, we agree, but understandable for Charming in our opinion. But due to the majority of the responses regarding this ending, we will be changing this ending a bit in the expansion to make Charming seem less irresponsible. We will be somewhat addressing what you said about the 1st ending being a bit wrong to Zel, though we won't be changing the ending — rather, we will be adding new scenes for Zel's route in the expansion of more character development/plot that will hopefully make the first ending easier to swallow.

Haha, super glad to hear you liked Mer! :D His route has undergone rewriting in the expansion, so hopefully the transition and execution of the endings will be better so it'd be less confusing.

Once again, thanks for playing LiD and for writing a comment! :D

Cute af. Love it!!

Thank you!! :D Glad you liked the game <3 Thank you for giving our game a try.

this looks like an amazing game, and I would love to play it. However I am finding multiple viruses when I am trying to download it

Hey! Apologies for the late reply, we forgot to check on this page for a while.

We are aware that some antivirus softwares (particularly BitDefender) would flag our game as a virus. We aren't sure what the problem is, because we've ran the files through multiple antivirus programs (such as McAfee, Avira, Avast...etc.) and it always comes back as clean. Only solution if you want to play is to whitelist the game and play it, but if you are concerned and would rather not do that, then we suggest you not to proceed. Sorry for the problems, but thank you for your interest in our game!

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spoilers pls read at your own risk thank u

oh my gosh developer you would not BELIEVE the stress I went through to download this game. I would download it and then when I opened the application, my mac would automatically close it and keep it from opening and it was the most stressful thing I've ever tried to download. But, I do not regret my choice of downloading this game!! The first thing that caught my eye about this game was the beautiful art style. Whoever did the art, I really applaud you!! I thought this game would be around $5-$10 just based on the art. But, thank goodness it wasn't because then I was able to enjoy playing it!! And when I say enjoy, I mean enjoy. Let me not get ahead of myself because I've only played Snow's path, (which I found pleasant) and I'm super excited to play Zel & Mer's path! I don't know why but I was so shocked when I realized that Nicholl didn't have a path; but don't worry I got over it quickly after meeting Prince Snow HAHA. (Also, I forgot to mention this earlier but I'm too lazy to proof read and shove this somewhere to make it all flow but, I found the whole concept of this game interesting! The whole 'Princess Charming' and having Prince Snow be Snow White, Prince Mer as Ariel and Prince Zel as Rapunzel was all such a creative way to make a game. It's refreshing to see a new aspect of a visual novel? dating sim? I don't know what to call this LMAO.)

Speaking of Snow, I thought his path was so cute! I really loved the idea of like, a rogue (I'm probably using that word wrong) prince. When I first read his story, in my mind I was like " wow sorry king and queen bc im goin for the banished prince gtg! ". I found his story so interesting, especially the curse part where he couldn't kiss anyone or they would die. He had so many rumors flying around him yet the village didn't treat him differently and I enjoyed that. It was so cute seeing how he acted around the small village children! The only part in his route that I was sad about was that I wanted to go head to head with his step-mom because ooooooh if I was Charming, we really would've fought LMAO.

Anywho, I read the comment before mine and I read that this isn't even the full version??????? "I can't wait to see what you have in store for the full version!" I'm not trying to say anything about that commenter but IS THIS REALLY NOT THE FULL VERSION? I THOUGHT IT WAS. I am so pumped if this really is just a snippet of what you guys have for this game. Thank you for making this project (especially making it free bc yakno ya girl is broke). The art is beautiful, the music was so calming, the story I have played so far was amazing & I can't wait to finish the rest!

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Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a long comment. <3

LOL Omg we're so so sorry for all the trouble the game gave you! ;_; But we're so glad it managed to work for you in the end and you thought our game was worth it. Thank you for the compliments on the art! We are indeed very lucky to have Elzee as our Character Artist.

We're also super pleased to hear that you enjoy the premise of the story. Ahh so glad you liked Snow <3 He definitely is a rogue prince LOL As for Charming going head to head with his step-mom... be careful what you wish for because you just might get it ;)

Btw,just a note, Prince Snow is actually based off Snow Queen, which is mentioned in teensy letters in his char profile on this page, so if you wondered at why some details in his story were so odd/sounded familiar e.g. his specific curse, his ex-gf's name, it's because they're references to the Snow Queen fairy tale, not Snow White :"D)

Nicholl will actually have a route in the full game! He was actually supposed to be a secret 4th route, but we didn't have time for it during the NaNoRenO game jam T_T

And yes, there will be a full version of this game! The full game will be almost 4x as long as this version, with 50k words per route (as compared to 25k atm for each route), and 7 routes in total (compared to 3 right now). The current routes will be almost completely rewritten, with their backstories and a lot of the unanswered questions e.g. Snow's stepmother, the witch, etc. (hopefully fully) explored! If you're curious, we will be posting updates and progress reports on the full game during development on our blog! And don't worry, the full game will be completely free as well. We aren't trying to make money off this; we just want to bring entertainment to people while doing what we love :"D

Thank you once again for all the compliments and kind words, and for (trying so hard to) play our game! LOL Hope you'll enjoy the rest of the game too, and we'll try not to disappoint with the full game in the future!

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