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Writers: Perennial Lily, Windchimes
Character Artists: Elzee, Karamelow
Lead CG Artist: Karamelow
CG Artists: Alcor etc., csky, Wingzofdarkness
Chibi CG Artist: PlutoParfait (Tumblr)
BG Artist: Lesleigh63, csky
GUI and Logo Artist: Alcor etc.
Composers: csky,
Editor: Azuumi


If you'd like to give us feedback, feel free to comment below, or leave a comment on our LSF thread, or send us a message on our Tumblr!


Apr 10, 2019: Please read the newest devlog for the explanation on the situation with the new demo!

Jul 31, 2017: New demo updated! Just fixed some minor bugs and typos, so it's not a huge deal, but we do recommend you download the new version if you have the old one!

Jul 30, 2017: New demo for the full version of Lads in Distress is now released! All download links for the old NaNoRenO version will be removed. Please do not redistribute the old version anywhere!

June 17, 2016: Development for the full version of Lads in Distress is in progress! Do follow our Tumblr if you want to keep up with our progress as we work on the full game!

Apr 13, 2016: V1.2 is up! This new version should fix a few bugs and typos that we've caught/heard about from reports. Sorry about the errors, guys. Thank you for bearing with us this long ;; <3

Development log


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has the game been abandon?

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Just realised today that the demo was taken down, sorry lads


I made an account just to play this game and now it doesn't work. Not cool.


is this still being worked on?? i'm very confused

think not

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the itch.io app is unable to download the New Demo. It says the build is undefined.


Hi, I enjoyed the game a lot. How much longer dowe need to wait for an update about the game?


Is there any update? It's been awhile


I really hope they update, this is one of my most anticipated games!


Ahhh so sad to see the new demo is not released yet (T.T; ) I do miss the characters... (especially Nicholl '▽^人) I hope this game is still being developed, if not then it's okay! I really enjoyed the concept of this game! ( ´ ω ` )


its still being worked on! the team that's made it are just doing their own personal games right now!


really want to play it


But...I want the demo back... I never got to play Nicholl. I haven't even played Snow yet. ...C'mooon~


This looks so cute, I hope I can play a demo soon 


I remember playing this back when they released it for NaNoReno. I really like it!
Any news from the development team? The last update on tumblr was 8 months ago.

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Most developers are working on other commercial projects, so this isn't a priority, however, it has not been cancelled.  Here's a message from Windchimes (the lead developer)  after someone asked about it on February 4th, 2020:

"Hey! Thanks for asking <3 Sorry for the late reply. I've been sick so I've been staying off the computer and didn't see this until now. 

Honestly, right now I can't really say when there'll be more game updates. Pretty much everyone in the team has been busy with their own projects / freelancing commissions, so progress has been slow. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the time to squeeze in time to work on LiD's new updated demo into my schedule lately between holiday season (Christmas then CNY) and my own commercial project which takes priority at the moment. I'll try to reevaluate my schedule and see if I can work something out and get back to you guys later on with a better answer. Sorry! And thank you for the continuous support <3"

Best bet to contact developers/get updates is likely through their discord server, I have included the link below.  I am excited too, I also loved the NaNo version! :)


This might be a little late, but thank you for replying. Knowing that the devs aren't giving up on it yet is good enough for me.  :D

Have a nice day, and stay safe!


how can i play this? sorry i'm still new at this and i-


nothing to play at the moment, they took the demo down to rework it, but will hopefully releasing it again later

where do you play send help plez

i know-


demo is down right now (so no downloads, they will be putting it back up at a later date :)


I played the old version of this game a few years back and I absolutely loved everything about it! I'm excited to see what new things are coming for this game and wish you all the best of luck <3

Aaaa, waitting for the day the demo is put back up haha. It looks like an interesting game. Hope you'd be able to sort out the problems soon. 

Fighting ;)

I can't seem to download it from here because it shows no options for downloading it. If someone can help the please do so


they said on their tumblr page that they're working on re-coding stuff and that it's gonna take some time until the demo is up again

https://ladsindistress.tumblr.com/ if u wanna keep up with stuff. i'm also waiting for it and checking the page every week or so :))

Thank you for the reply! And I had downloaded it and played it too.

Is this still being worked on? The images in the description are broken and the last listed update was in 2017.


Yup! They have hit some bumps and had to get a new artist for the project and though things are moving slowly, they are moving! I know the gang is trying their best :)

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Attention everyone:  For the most up to date announcements and going ons regarding LiD, the team highly recommends you follow the tumblr (ladsindistress.tumblr.com) or join the game discord here: https://discordapp.com/invite/uAG3Cqe the actual team members are a part of it,  which means they (or any of the helpful community members like myself) can answer any questions you have.  Plus we talk about lots of other things as well beyond the game!

I try to monitor this page, however I don't get notifications or anything for it so I sometimes miss things! 

this keeps coming up in my feed as updating with a new demo, but i don't think it's had an actual update in a long time. or has it? what's with the blank updates?


They had to remove the new demo because the old artist quit and they have to replace the art.


The download button is missing.


They've had to take it down for now, an announcement is incoming.


Hi, it's been almost a year since any updates for this game, and I checked the game 'The Masquerade Killer', when will be be given a update for these games? I understand it takes time to make a game, but updating the fanbase about your progress is just a few minutes of your programming schedule and really appreciated. Thanks in advance for any replies!


You can get the most recent updates at their blog - https://ladsindistress.tumblr.com/

As everyone involved works full time or is a student, progress is a bit slow.  Some have projects of their own (aside from TMK).

TMK has been cancelled as the leader of the studio suddenly shut everything down, the lead writer (who also writes for LiD) apparently didn't have any say in the decision.  It was all rather sudden.  LiD shares some of the same creators, but operates under a different studio, so it is still planned to be finished and free as promise, though there is no specific timeline at the moment as to when.  However, there is expected to be an update/announcement over the next few weeks.


Hi, I was just wondering if you have any idea on when the full version will be released. i don't mean to be rude or ask you to rush I'm just asking as i finished the demo and liked it so much that i can't wait to play the full game through. 


They are hoping to release their commercial game (The Masquerade Killer) sometime in Q3/4 of 2018, after that they will continue work on LiD.  It's going to be a bit of a wait basically, but I'm sure it will be worth it!  And I recommend checking out the writer/artists other games in the mean time, Red String of Fate, Airis, and The Masquerade Killer.

Thanks very much for replying it was very helpful, I almost forgot about posting in this forum. 

Of course! 

cool!! looking forward to her bestfriend's route :")


lol me too.  If you can't tell by my icon xD

I agree,  this is an amzing game but is it still a work in progress?


Hi, is this game still being updated. I know Ebullience is working on other otomes.

They are focusing on their commercial game for the moment but have stated that lid is still being worked on sporadically.  They are planning on resuming full focus on this after TMKs release.

Thanks for informing me 😊

Of course! :)

I love the bachelors in this game :3

I played this game back when it was just the original Three. And I so desperately at the time wanted it to be able to romance my best friend. When I came across the update my first thought was please let him be a route. You guys do not disappoint.

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it's been a while, and many stuff happened to me, but now that I stumbled upon this page again and remember Zel and Nicholl,...I know I'll wait for the full game and get it! (Unless it's too expensive. ... Unless Zel is even more lovable and a little bit sexy. ... Unless I don't have enough moneeey-omg x_x)

The game will be free as they had stated many times before! So you don't have to worry about money!


Yay! I remember wanting to play this game last year (I'm the jerk who said it didn't work on my computer, remember me? Hopefully not!) Now I'm really glad I got to play the new demo because it was ah-ma-zing!

I chose Mer because I liked his sweet, sad expression. But the other lads were all so cute, it was a hard choice!

I personally really love Princess Charming. I feel you did a great job with her character, she's likable and never boring! I love her playful dialogue with all the characters, and that she always has a good first impression of everyone she meets (except Ellis haha!)

Now I'm excited for the full version- can't wait to find out everyone's delicious backstory!

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I didn't like it. 

It would help the developers to know what part of the game you didn't like. Because it can help them to improve the game beyond what their demo provides.

Played this game awhile back and went with Zel and really liked it! Keep up the good work! :)

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I played the new demo today and i can just say that the game reached a whole new level. The dialoges aren't that short and random anymore and it's really nice to see all of the new features and characters available in the New Demo Version. If the full game turns out to be as great as this Demo than it was clearly worth the wait! I guess i can also say that i liked this short demo a lot more than the old full game, so im pretty excited for u to launch it since it'll surely be hella awesome! Thanks for recreating the game! :)

OMG! the game is amazing! let us know if you guys decide to go for a kickstarter or something <3

I FINALLY GET TO BE WITH NIC OMG I HAVE BEEN WAITING A YEAR FOR THIS THANK YOU SM <3 <3 <3 I am so excited to play it, and I'm interested in maybe even reviewing the Demo since I love it so much lol, it'll be fun as I havent played it since the first Demo came out <3 <3 <3 xx

Ah, I'm happy for this new demo! I played the NaNo version a few months back, though I forgot to leave a review. Sorry about that, but I guess, at this point, I'll talk about the new demo instead.~ I can see how the script is being reworked, and is flowing much better. The time pressure was visible in the original one, but now it's on par with the gorgeous art and music that I had fallen in love with! I also see that there are sometimes three choices, I'm curious if this means there will be three endings per route?~

From the original three, my favorite is Snow, but Zel is close second. (Honestly I just cannot forgive Mer, but probably I'll understand him better in the new version.) I wonder if the new routes will sway me, since I love both shy characters like Ellis and childhood best friends like Nicholl.~

Cheers for your team, and keep up the good work! I will be looking forward to the full release.~

Uh, if I may ask, why do you like Snow? He was honestly my least favorite, and I strongly disliked him,  so I just can't wrap my head around it. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, I'm genuinely curious. 

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I just played through what's in the Ellis route, and I didn't know what drew me to him. Until I realized- he reminded me so much of a human version of Wheatley! Oh man, once I realized that, it- it was just over. No question, no competition, nope, just Ellis. I love characters like that so much. Though now I've just completed what's in his route, and you did it.  Now I'm dying for the full release. Aw man! What the heck! This is why I don't play demos! Now I have to wait to get back to my little cinnamon roll. *cries*

Also, if I may ask, is there any planned release date for the full game?

There were multiple things in the new demo that I was like, "Hey! That's new!" I was honestly taken by a bit of a surprise each time. Though one addition I'm not sure about is Tabitha. She seems like a tad more aggressive version of Nicholl. They're almost like the same character. Was she really needed? Though I suppose I haven't seen much of her, so I can't really say too much. *sigh* (Also, I have seen the comment you made about how Charming needs "pushy" friends in order to not scare them away, and I suppose that makes sense, she just seems a lot like Nicholl somehow. Pushy, kinda sassy, likes to tease, fierce, a good friend, etc.)

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I'll try to keep this short, mainly for the purpose of trying not to bore you. (edit - I have failed at keeping this short T_T)

This demo was delightful! The art looked very pleasing, the music was wonderful and the story and writing was just phenomenal.
I went through each of the routes in the NaNoRenO version  multiple times (I missed the boys!) and I see clearly how much the writing has improved. Greenace is also doing a fantastic job with the sprites and CG's. I am already waiting for the full version but at the same time dreading it, for the sole reason that this project will be over. *frowns*

Well, the new characters. Tabitha is sooo precious! She gave me a little bit of a 'pushy' vibe which I usually don't like but I actually really liked her as a character ( she also looked girly yet very confident). Ellis is like a cinnamon roll to me (but Zel is my true cinnamon roll!) , he was acting a little weird and awkward which I think is a big part of his charm. The way he looks matches his personality perfectly, and his colour palette was very charming! 

Now that I went into the looks of people I really wanted to say I love how the main menu looks like (the bunny ears Nicholl is making are very cute!). Each and every of the characters are really well done with their design and colours. I also really admire the first CG you see in the game (Charming making a potion).

My favourite route just had to be Nicholl's. Ever since the first version of the game I really wanted him to be a love interest, when I found out the news that he will be in the full-er version of the game I was ecstatic. I like the chemistry that Charming and Nicholl have between them and I am really wondering what happens next in his route. It took quite an unexpected turn, which I was charmed by. I am also interested in this melon garden, I hope we can find out a little bit more about it. (Bonus! - I was chuckling to myself so hard at the 'body switching' part in Mer's route, at how he was so flushed and immediately retreated and set that topic aside. It was waaaay more hilarious to me than it should have been.)

Now let me just wrap this up. I am a little bit sad at the fact that Beau and Hood didn't make it into the fuller version. I do recall reading somewhere that you might add them in the distant future, so I'm holding onto that piece of hope. (Mostly because I love the way the setting of the story goes with the plot, definitely one of my favourite Visual Novels out there). I only have 1 question, which has probably answered before but I rather ask it myself and be sure of it, will the full game be free or will you have to pay for it?

Well that's about it, I wish you luck with further development and I'm waiting for more great games from you! Thank you for this fantastic game ^.^

(Just a note to start off with: This is Windchimes, the writer of Lads in Distress / Catfish Crew. I'm just using this account for our new VN studio to answer comments because I have added this account as a contributor to LiD project, and it's easier to monitor all our games under both CC and EG from this account alone.)

Hello! Thank you for trying our new demo and for the detailed feedback! Don't worry, we don't mind long comments at all ^_^

We're glad you like the new demo! :D It particularly makes me happy that you felt the writing has improved. Crazy how much one year of constant VN writing can do, huh? Looking back on the old NaNoRenO script makes me cringe now lol.

Thank you for the compliments on the art! We were worried about whether fans would be unhappy about art inconsistency with the changes in the character artist position, so we're glad to hear you like the character/CG art and Ellis's new design!

Haha, glad to hear you like Tabitha! Yes, she can definitely be pushy, but that's why she's such great friends with Charming ;) Charming needs strong characters like Tabitha as friends or else she'd probably scare all of them away, lol. Yes, I'd say Ellis's social awkwardness is part of his charm. It's so different from all the princes Charming meets daily that she's drawn to it in a strange way. ;)

Ah, another Nicholl fan! Honestly, with how much fans were asking for a Nicholl route for NaNoRenO version, I was so nervous about whether this Nicholl route would let you guys down, so I'm glad to hear you like his route! As for the melon garden... It's actually a joke / meme that started in our public Discord server with fans, so blame them! I ended up making it canon because it fits and it's hilarious, so the melon garden will definitely come up more often in Nicholl's route!

Haha, Beau and Hood... Maybe in a distant future. xD No promises yet! Sorry for the disappointment though OTL We really didn't want to cut them, but we had no choice ;o;

The full game will indeed continue to be free! So no worries about that :D After all, we're using a lot of CC-NC background resources, so we can't make the game commercial even if we wanted to, unless we want to commission full set of original backgrounds lol.

Anyways, thank you again for playing our demo and letting us know your thoughts! ^_^

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Okay, I'm already done with the new demo, so commenting as promised!


SPOILERS AHEAD, mainly for people who aren't the devs and didn't play the previous version!

So, first off, I must say I really enjoyed the writing now. Even if I'm not the best judge as english isn't my language, I still can see it's a lot better now. The new characters' sprites are also gorgeous, and the overall thing is just glorious. I'm really thrilled about the full version of this!

Now about the newcomers among the romanceable characters. Ellis is such a lovely character. He's very interesting, and it's really nice that he actually doesn't want to marry - he goes really well with the rest of the cast, since each one of them has really different motivations and ambitions. I also can't wait to learn more about his brothers and all the mess about them. And Nicholl... well, Nicholl is still my favorite, so I can't even express how overjoyed I am with his route, even if it's only the beginning. I was wondering about where would this route go, since he's not one of the suitors per se, and I love it so far, it's so intriguing! And since now he and Charming have a lot more interractions than before, I love their relationship even more. 

And now, as you may have expected, I need to talk about Mer, of course, as usual, yeah I'm obsessed, yada yada XD - aaanyway! Yeah, I can see the improvement on the writing here, and my worries are eased so far - it was so great and I'm incredibly excited about it. I also really really like how the talk about the body exchange goes at the beginning - when Nicholl wants to trade bodies with Charming. The flow of this conversation is great. I must admit I don't recall if this conversation was in there in the old version, and I'm too lazy to check it out right now, but if it was, obviously it wasn't as impacting as now. Knowing the truth about Mer and what happens at the end of the route, even if it may have been altered a bit for the new version, I think you really did a great job writing that scene. 

I'm really curious if he'll stay my favorite route in this new version or if I'll like Nicholl's route more, as I like him more as a character. We'll see when you'll be done with the full release I guess! Can't wait for it!

Thank you for the great expansion! Good work and good luck with finishing the project!

(Just a note to start off with: This is Windchimes, the writer of Lads in Distress / Catfish Crew. I'm just using this account for our new VN studio to answer comments because I have added this account as a contributor to LiD project, and it's easier to monitor all our games under both CC and EG from this account alone.)

Hello! Thanks for playing the demo and getting back to us with your feedback so quickly! ^_^

Thank you very much for the compliments and kind words! It particularly means a lot to me that you said the writing has improved. Turns out a year of constant VN writing can do a lot for your writing skill lol. Re-reading old script for NaNoRenO version seriously makes me cringe now, so I'm really happy that players feel that the writing in the new demo is better in comparison!

Haha, yes! I definitely had fun writing Ellis. Poor Charming has probably never been rejected before in her life, so I thought it would be fun when one of the princes don't actually want to marry her. ;)

Thank you! I'm so happy and relieved you like Nicholl's route. His is definitely the route I'm most nervous about, since it's new and so many fans have been waiting for a Nicholl route that I was worried the actual route would disappoint, haha.

Yay! Glad to hear you think Mer's route has improved and didn't disappoint you as a fan of the old route. We definitely put in a lot of work trying to rewrite and improve his route, as I believe many players previously criticized parts of Mer's route. The conversation about body swapping actually was in the NaNoRenO version as well! We just rewrote it to make it flow better and be more natural and, well, more hilarious so that it'd be more memorable. Thank you for the compliments! Really glad to hear you liked the new version of Mer's route.

Again, thank you for playing our new demo and for letting us know your thoughts! It means a lot to us :D Hopefully you'll enjoy the final full version too when the time comes!

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